Vision and Purpose

  • Bible
  • Worship
  • Prayer
  • Wider Church (including Wider Church Relationships)
  • Relationships
  • Ministry: to the poor; to the lost; to the sick
  • Sending Out: Church Planting; Missions; Evangelism
  • Training
  • Fruit & Gifts of the Spirit
  • Praise


Statement of Purpose

EdenPromise is here to reach into the heart of brokenness’ in your life with the Gospel of Salvation.

EdenPromise Community Scottish Midlands is a breath of fresh air following in the wake of great reformers and evangelists like Origen, St. Gregory, John Wesley & Charles Wesley, Howell Harris, Asahel Nettleton, Smith Wrigglesworth, A.W.Tozer, Leonard Ravenhill, Billy Graham, and John Wimber.

EPC also likes to focus on helping through the difficult times, not only on the world-wide-missions field, but also locally, just like Mother Theresa.

EdenPromise is ’A Jesus Family and Community, Where All Are Love and All Are Free’ – which seeks to RE:Discover Community, RE:Discover Christianity and RE:Discover Brotherly Love.

What we want to Be

To be a Community at the Forefront of…

  • …Evangelism (reaching people with the Good News of Jesus Christ);
  • …Outreach (reaching people with practical help from provision of food, housing to counselling);
  • …Worship & Praise (in-house song-writing of quality, simple praise and worship music);
  • …Prayer (24-7 Hour Prayer, Healing etc);
  • …Intercession/ Watchers On The Wall (A Church committed to prayerful intercession for our world, nation and local communities)
  • …Reclaiming the Churches Social-Action and Impact with Service Provision (see Provision of Services below)

Provision of Services…

Social Care | Health Care | Education | Youth & Children’s Work | Catering | Event Management & Organisation | Broadcasting & Media

What we want to Do


  • We’re believing for all 12 Scottish Midlands Campus’ as on the road to being established by 2030
  • We’re believing for a further Communities established and underway in 10 UK ‘Areas’ by 2040


  • We’re believing for all UK Nations reached with an established or planted Community by 2045 (England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales as well as the Republic of Ireland)
  • We’re believing for Communities or Plants across 10 EU Nations by 2050 (France, Ukraine, Spain, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Finland, Poland, Italy, Romania)
  • We’re believing for Communities or Plants across 20 Non-EU Counties by 2060 (China, India, USA, Indonesia, Brazil, Pakistan, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Russia, Japan, Mexico, Philippines, Ethioia, Vietnam, Egypt, Democratic Republic of Congo, Iran, Turkey, Thailand and Tanzania)


  • We’re believing for reaching 1 million people by 2050
  • We’re believing for reaching 1 billion people by 2070

Whilst these numbers sound exuberant we’re believing according to the New Testament pattern, recorded in Acts, of 3000, 6000, 9000 being added to their number that day!

We’re also believing, that God has a plan, and these are not important numbers, but what is important is that each individual has opportunity to respond to the Gospel Message and be welcomed into a Community Family of Faith.