Theological Outlines

EdenPromise is Theological, Practical, Technically and Structurally…



  • Biblical
    The bible forms the basis of our faith, and is held as proto-scriptura, ie the Primacy of Scripture
  • Orthodox
    We adhere to the ancient theological tradition of the Christian Church historically.
  • Arminian
    We believe in the goodness and love of God, we follow and believe in the Remonstrant Confession of Faith of 1621
  • Evangelical
    We are evangelical in that we subscribe and hold-central to the four pillars of Evangelicasm as defined by Dr David Bebbington:
  1. Biblicism, a particular regard for the Bible (e.g. all essential spiritual truth is to be found in its pages)
  2. Crucicentrism, a focus on the atoning work of Christ on the cross.
  3. Conversionism, the belief that human beings need to be converted.
  4. Activism, the belief that the gospel needs to be expressed in effort.
  • Post-Conservative
    “Basically, they [postconservative evangelicals] compose a loose coalition of thinkers who are seeking to facilitate a number of ‘beyond’ moves, theologically: beyond the agenda of the modernist/fundamentalist dichotomy toward what they see as a more holistic theology; beyond classical foundationalist epistemology toward alternative concepts of knowledge; beyond concentration on rationalism toward incorporating additional ways of knowing; beyond inerrancy debates and concerns toward an instrumental use of scripture; beyond academy-centered theologizing toward ecclesial and community-oriented thinking; beyond gatekeeping on boundary-setting doctrinalism toward a generous orthodoxy with pietistic emphasis; and finally, beyond what they view as a fixation on the concerns of modernity often motivated by a fear of liberalism, toward a more positive view and selective appropriation of postmodern insights.” (Stephen B Sherman)“The only addition I would make is that “postconservative” does NOT mean “anti-conservative.” “Post” added to a word does not indicate rejection but sublation. (Please don’t ask me to define sublation; look it up!)” (Roger E Olson)


  • Pietist
  • Charismatic-Pentecostal
  • Revivalist
  • Missional
  • Jesus Freaks


  • A Missional Community of Faith
  • An Emerging-Community of Faith


  • A Home[-based] Community of Faith
  • A Campus & Multi-Site Community of Faith