Statement of Faith

EdenPromise Believes in…

The Trinity

One God, Three Persons – This is a complex belief, it’s known as The Trinity, you may know it as God-The-Father, God-The-Son [aka Jesus Christ] and God-The-Holy-Spirit [aka God-The-Holy-Ghost].

God's Sovereignty

…We believe that God is Lord over all [the word we have for this is sovereign, that is God is sovereign].

God's Authorship

…We believe God is the author of good but not of evil. Yet even evil is governed by God in that God limits it and directs it to an end fitting with his overall plan and purpose. – The word ‘author’ here does not just mean the original creator, but also the continuing creator – i.e. God is still making Good, it ‘flows’ from him, as a river flows from the mountain to the sea, it’s a continual process.

God's Perfection

…We believe that God is perfect, without evil or indecency (aka He is sinless).

God's Knowledge

…We believe that God possesses perfect and exhaustive knowledge of the past, present, and future, and who preserves, regulates, governs and directs all things so that nothing in the world happens without either his causation or permission.

Jesus as the Son of God

…We believe that Jesus Christ [God-The-Son] came down to earth from heaven, was conceived (like every other baby) but this conception was through the power and work of the Holy Spirit acting in the womb of the virgin maiden called Miriam or Mary.

Jesus' Sinlessness

…We believe that Jesus Christ lived a perfect life without every doing any wrong (i.e. a sinless life) which none have ever or will ever match, we believe He died on the cross for all mankind, that those who have faith in him, who cry out to him will receive eternal life.

Jesus' Resurrection and Intercession

…We believe that Jesus Christ rose from the dead on the third day (a Sunday) and then ascended (like going up stairs is ascending stairs) to the right hand of the God-The-Father, before whom he intercedes for us (that is he asks God continually to watch out for us, look after us and to forgive us our sins).

Christ's Return

…We believe that Jesus Christ will return personally and visibly at the end of the age to finish fully establishing God’s Kingdom here on earth.

God The Holy Spirit

…We believe that part of the work of the Holy Spirit on earth in this age is to draw people to Jesus, to bring them into a personal relationship with himself, to live in them, to instruct them, guide them and empower them in living a life that Jesus has called them too.

Image of God

…We believe that humankind was created in the likeness (or image) of God but fell from its original state of perfection, through intentional disobedience and Satan’s deception, resulting in separation from God.

Depravity of Humanity

…In and of ourselves and apart from the grace (undeserved favour) of God human beings can neither think, desire (will), nor do anything good, including believe in Him.

Pre-Salvation Grace

…But through God’s pre-salvation grace He prepares and enables unbelievers to receive the free gift of salvation offered in Jesus Christ. Only through this grace from God can the non-believer believe and so be remade by the Holy Spirit unto salvation and spiritual life. It is also the grace of God that enables believers to continue in faith as well as good in thought, will, and deed, so that all good deeds or movements that can be conceived must be ascribed to the grace of God.

Christ Only-Begotten

…We believe that when Jesus, the only “begotten” (non-created) Son of God the Father died on the Cross that his blood and his subsequent return to life from the dead (on the third day – resurrection) was a provision by God of a free gift of salvation, to save mankind from the effect of his total wrongness, that which was eternal separation from God and eternal punishment in Hell – but although for the whole of humanity, it is only effective for those who believe. When Jesus the Messiah died and was resurrected it provided the only grounds for God to be able to declare that humanity’s punishment had been cast-aside and the only way for humanity to be able to come before God without the requirement of the killing of animals to ‘pay’ for man’s inherent wrong-doing.

Resisting Grace

…We believe that humanity can resist the free gift of God – that is refuse to accept this – that to be counted as a one of God’s special people is only through Jesus.

Once Saved Always Saved

…We do not assert that once-saved a man can lose this free-gift – but we do believe that only God can truly know (and clearly the individual in their heart) if they are saved by Grace.

Resurrection of the Dead

…We believe that those who place there trust in Christ and follow him will be brought-back to life in an (everlasting non-decaying) body to receive eternal life and great joy in fellowship with God, but that those who do not accept Christ as their personal Saviour are destined to spend eternity in Hell with eternal punishment

Justification by Faith

We are REFORMED in the traditional sense that we believe in Justification by Grace Alone through Faith Alone – however, we follow the example of the Lutheran-Catholic ‘Joint Declaration on the Doctrine of Justification’ in that we believe this Faith must be evidenced by Good-Works.

We therefore affirm the following statement:

Justification is by the Grace of God, through faith in Christ Jesus (as Lord and Saviour) which is made manifest in the life of a true believer in the outworking of the heart, soul and spirit, in the form of Good works (or deed).


For a more indepth look at our Statement of Faith please download our Theology Guide (2016).