Genetic Code


The EdenPromise Genetic Code (above)

We Work Centre-Out in our Genetic Code, showing the importance of each item within our community


The Central Ring of The EdenPromise Genetic Code says simply “JESUS” – this is to signify that Jesus is the centre of the EdenPromise Community life, theology, practice and belief. It is Jesus that permeates and transcends the community – existing as the focus and drive of every aspect of it.

Red Ring

    EdenPromise Community teaching on Prayer is defined simply as: The Theology of the:
    – Prayer Closet;
    – Prayer Meeting
    – 24 Hour Prayer Movement
    – Prayer-Without-Ceasing
    – Prayer-For-Revival
    – Unity in Prayer
  • EdenPromise Community teaching on Evangelism and outreach should be defined as: Missional | Ecumenical | Jesus Honouring | Whilst positioning itself as: Big-Tent Revival with small-tent heart
    See Praise & Worship and Appendix: Worship Ethos
    We’re hoping we don’t need a whole section on this, but if so please see EdenPromise: Community and EdenPromise: Of Called Out Believers.

Blue Ring

  • Fruit of the Spirit: Leonard Ravenhill once said you can’t strut with the fruit of the Spirit, and we believe in equipping people and training and developing Character.
  • Orthodoxy: Orthodoxy means we subscribe to the orthodoxy of Christian Belief and Praxis.
  • Doctrine: Means we develop, care-for and engage with honest doctrine and explore it’s impact upon our lives.
  • Praise: All glory and honour is to Jesus, and we are to be honest in our worship and praise, to live lives of worship, and give God all our praise.
  • Practical, Applicable & Relevant Preaching: The preaching is to be practical, applicable and relevant to our lives, not just academic theological musings with no practical benefit.
  • Care of Mind, Body & Soul/Spirit: The community of faith is responsible for the care of its own Mind, Body and Spirit – through Pastoral Care and Support, as well as education, fitness and health. This means we are also responsible for being living-examples of this to a dying world, as well as supporting the communities we live in with help, support and advice, and the means to live-out their lives, with a care for their Mind, Body and Spirit.
  • Justice & Equality: We are to be a Community of Faith that seeks Social Change, as well as Care for the impoverished and needy, we are to seek Justice for the slighted, the widow and orphan.
  • Unity: We are to seek Unity with other communities of faith, to practice unity in prayer and follow the call of the Missional Ecumenical movement in this regard.
  • Missions: The Great Commission was to make disciples of all nations, therefore at EdenPromise Mission is at the heart of what we are called to as believers, whether on the foreign mission field or the local one.
  • Godly Servant-hearted Leadership: Leadership is by the Servant-Hearted, a call to servanthood, as Christ’s example shows, it is also Godly and God-Fearing.

Green Ring

  • Practicing and Using the Gifts of the Spirit
  • Working out and living a sound Godly Theology
  • Living a life of God’s Joy as our Strength
  • Grace: Anything less than God’s grace is a disgrace, so living lives graciously towards others.
  • Skills for Living & Life – Education that actually benefits adults and young people to live and function in the world, whilst not being of it.
  • Revival Living – Meaning to live in an atmosphere of expectation and impending Christian Revival & Awakenings, whilst being spiritually ready for Revival.
  • Peacful – Being Pacifistic and Peace-Makers
  • Merciful – Being merciful to everyone, realising we’re all on our own Journey to Jesus and at different stages.
  • Hopeful – Continually walking in the Christian hope, but also living lives of hope, believing the best in others and ourselves.
  • Inspiring others to go onto achieve great things for God’s glory and to live lives sold-out to Jesus.

Purple Ring

“We do all this because Christ first loved us (1 John 4:19) and we wish to love all people (1 John 4:7) from all nations and all walks of life (Galatians 3:28) and are committed to sharing that love (Matthew 28:19) at all times (2 Corinthians 5:20 & Romans 12:1)