Whilst EdenPromise endevours to accept everyone, there are a few theological issues we must clarify, just so you know where we stand, not because it will affect your treatment.

Female Leadership

We believe women can and are equally called to ministry leadership roles. We are Egalitarian in this sense. We do believe that Godly-husbands and fathers are called to lead their family as the sacrificial servant-head of their families, as Christ demonstrated by being the sacrificial servant-head of his bride, the Ecclesia.


We do not affirm homosexuality, bisexuality, transgenderism or any other form of sexuality that is not hetrosexual as part of God’s design, and like all sins we do not believe someone living in these lifestyles can serve in leadership, however, we welcome, love and accept every sinner, including those living in sin, that they might come to see Christ as their Lord and Saviour. A celibate homosexual may serve in leadership, as long as they continue to live a celibate lifestyle and do not promote homosexuality as a biblical principle.


Any leader caught in adultery or other biblically disqualifying sins – will no longer be able to serve in leadership at EdenPromise, there may be circumstances where someone may be called to lead again, but this is after a long and complex process of discipline, discipleship, retraining, forgiveness-seeking, restitution etc.